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mTrak - Advanced Fleet Monitoring with Dispatch

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mTrak is an advanced Fleet Monitoring System with dispatch capabilities that offers much more features than a standard GPS Tracking system at comparable, or in most cases lower cost. The system is backed by technicians and engineers with the ability to customize, expand and successfully deploy it to virtually any application. Mora Systems Limited, the creator of mTrak, has partnered with Garmin International to provide the most advanced fully integrated dispatch solution in Trinidad and Tobago. Click here for more information on our dispatch solution.

If you own or manage any of the following types of businesses or any business that requires a fleet of vehicles then mTrak can help you save time and expense with a low maintenance and hassle free solution:

  •    Transportation Services

  •    Taxi Services

  •    Vehicle/Equipment Rentals

  •    Delivery/Courier Services

  •    Utilities

  •    Maintenance and Repair Services

  •    Sales

  •    Security Services

Not only will you see where your vehicles are in real time, but you’ll receive the alerts and reports to make that information useful and help identify vehicle abuse/wasted trips. Simply viewing the location of a vehicle on a map is not enough to save you time and expense. The difference with mTrak is that it communicates with you, and you don’t have to keep monitoring it if you don’t have the time/manpower to.

We will install the standard hardware for tracking your vehicles but we’ll also meet with you to determine what your fleet related problems are and how we can customize reports/information to help solve your problem. That’s the difference between dealing with a professional engineering company and a GPS tracking company, we solve problems and don’t simply resell products we know little about.  We are determined to redeem the reputation of GPS Tracking systems in Trinidad & Tobago and prove that the mTrak system can do far more than allow you to see where your vehicle is on a map. We’ve shown this to hundreds of customers over the last 6 years with minimal/no advertising but by simple recommendation. Let us show you what we have to offer.

mtrak System Features:

Some  outstanding features of the mTrak system are listed below. The sections that follow detail each.

1)    Track a wide range of devices

2)    On board data storage (no cell service? No problem)

3)    Advanced Reverse Geocoding based on accurate mNav map data (accurate street names for stops)

4)    Hosted Services (little or no downtime)

5)    Real Time System View (View all vehicle locations at any time with frequent position updates)

6)    Historical tracks – 3 Years (Investigate previous vehicle activity/travels)

7)    Private customer point of interest (POI) database with Dispatch (Search for a customer and assign the nearest vehicle)

8)    Flexible Reporting Platform (Time on customer site, over idle, service/odometer, stop with distance travelled, geofence etc. Daily emailed reports)

9)    Geofencing (any shape and linked to alerts and reports)

10)  Mobile interface (View vehicle locations from a mobile device)

11)  Alerts (Based on predefined event rules)

12)  Remote vehicle shutdown option (Immobilize vehicle by sending a text)

13)  Onsite installations (During and after hours. Hidden hardware)

14) Dispatch (Communicate with your drivers directly via their Garmin PND)

15)  Unmatched features (Advanced vehicle monitoring vs standard GPS Tracking provided by competitors)

16)  System Demonstrations


1)    Track a Wide Range of Devices


mTrak uses hardware that has a proven track record with applications in mission critical systems around the world. The hardwired tracking units (AVL’s) are one of the smallest available today (approx 6cm x 6 cm x 1.5cm) and can easily be hidden when installed. These AVL’s can withstand high temperatures, vibration, a range of voltages and harsh conditions. The hardwired AVL units can also optionally be wired to shutdown the vehicle in the event of theft. There are also marine and portable versions of the AVL.

  •       Vehicles/Pickups/Panel Vans

  •       Tractors/Bulldozers/Forklifts/Cranes

  •       Trucks (12v and 24v systems)

  •       Boats

  •       Generators

We also install software applications for tracking cell phones.

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2)    On Board Data Storage – No lost tracks if GSM unavailable

There is not 100% GSM data network coverage in Trinidad & Tobago. However most driveable streets are covered by a network and this is suitable for GPS tracking. If however a situation arises where the network is unavailable, the AVL stores data on board. This means that as the vehicle travels, its track is still being recorded. The moment the GSM network is available, all this data is sent to the mTrak server. All tracks then become available to the customer and all reports and alerts will still apply. 

Our hardware does not lose signal in rainy/cloudy conditions.

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3)    Advanced Reverse Geocoding using Accurate Map Data

Reverse Geocoding is the ability to get a street name from a GPS coordinate. You may have noticed with competing systems that they use a Google Geocoder for getting street names. The accuracy of this Geocoder is unacceptable for most applications as it provides erroneous street names at most locations. Your vehicle can be parked at a particular street and the report mentions a street located a few blocks away.

We have developed an advanced Geocoder that produces street names for Trinidad & Tobago using our accurate map data, so wherever your vehicle goes, you’re sure to get an accurate street name representing its location if you have not already added a Point of Interest there.

mTrak is the first system of its kind in Trinidad and Tobago to use accurate map data for GPS tracking. The data is the same data we use on Garmin navigation devices locally, for which we have the sole development license.

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4)    Hosted Services

The mTrak server is not at risk of going down if there are local electricity outages or Internet Service Provider issues. Our servers are cloud hosted with guaranteed uptime and availability for tracked vehicles. As such the interface is fast and responsive. Your information is secure and is not shared with other users.

mTrak is not comparable to systems that advertise no monthly fees. These systems operate by text message only and they do not have a login facility, emailed reports, alerts, data history etc. They are designed for private vehicles that need to be tracked in the event they are stolen or once in a while. In some cases the resellers of these systems do not provide sim cards and the customer is responsible for the billing. Depending on the way the system is setup, these devices can generate as much as $800 a month in text message charges by simply sending coordinate locations as text messages to a phone every few minutes. In cases like this ‘no monthly fees’ means no monthly fees payable to the reseller. The customer must top up the sim regularly to avoid losing the assigned number and in many cases the systems become inoperable when work/repairs are done to the vehicle. This can go unnoticed because it is not constantly monitored by a server.

Your monthly service fee with the mTrak system includes:

·         System Upgrades

·         Data plan for transmitting position information to server

·         Accurate map data hosting

·         Server cloud hosting for responsive interface and high uptime

·         Email support

·         Minor Alert/Report adjustment/configuration

Monthly service fees do not include:

·         On site callouts

·         Additional training sessions

·         Addition of customer points of interest

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5)    Real Time System View

Upon login, your workspace shows a listing of all your vehicles/tracked devices alongside a real time position map (constantly updating as vehicles travel).

You can search for any vehicle, select it in the list and zoom into its location on the map for a closer view.  

You can choose from various maps including Geoserver Mora, Google, and Openstreetmap. You can also use satellite imagery for viewing vehicle locations:

Using your points of interest data (described in section 7) you can have a better idea of the exact location of your vehicle.

Display your fleet locations in full screen on monitors placed in your office or control room. A full screen view can be easily set up to hide all panels and show only the map of your fleet.

Your workspace can be customized with different views and linked to different logins showing sub groups of vehicles, custom panel positioning etc. 

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6)    Historical Tracks – 3 years

Running a track of vehicle activity allows you to see exactly where that vehicle drove and where it stopped. You can also view the speed the vehicle travelled. This information is available for viewing data for up to 3 years.

A sample track zoomed up is shown below

You can filter the tracks by speed or time. Only portions of the track where the vehicle was used in the specified time or exceeding the speed limit are drawn when the filter is applied:

Zooming into the stops by double clicking on them can show exactly where a stop was made.

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7)    Private customer point of interest (POI) database with Dispatch

The mTrak Points of Interest module allows you to add your customer/business/equipment locations to your map to be seen by your users only. Building your customer/equipment database will allow you to:

·         Identify stops at customer locations on the map and in stop reports

·         Search for customer/equipment and dispatch the nearest vehicle to that location

·         Generate advanced reports such as Time on Site reports.

Points of interest are easily added by right clicking on the map and adding. You can also tag your points while driving using a Garmin GPS device and upload the points to your application.

Users can add thousands of points of interest and chose to enable/disable them from the map view at any time. You can also hide their labels to avoid screen clutter. They still will appear in your stop reports.

Using Points of Interest, Time on Site Reports can be generated.


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8)    Flexible Reporting Platform

The disadvantage of most GPS Tracking systems is the lack of or weak reporting features. Clever reporting and event rules make the mTrak system manageable for large numbers of vehicles and requires less time for investigation of problems with the fleet. Event rules are the criteria used to generate information for reports and alerts. Event rules are discussed further in section 10. Reports are generated and sent at a fixed time or can be run instantly from within the application workspace.

mTrak reporting is flexible and simple to understand. We can set up the reports for you and schedule them to be emailed at fixed intervals. You don’t even need to log into your application unless you see something unusual in your reports in most cases. Reports also can be based on events that occur at certain times or in certain geofenced areas.

Some popular reports are:

·         Over Idle Reports


o    When and where was my vehicle run for over a preset time in one location?


·         After Hour Usage Reports


o    Was my vehicle used when it was supposed to be parked after hours?


·         Overspeed Reports (major and minor roads option)


o    Where and when did my vehicle exceed the speed limit


·         Standard Stop Report (with clickable stop links)


o    Where did my vehicle stop today?

o    What was the maximum speed travelled today?

o    What distance did my vehicle travel today?


·         Time on Site Report

    • How much time do we spend at our customers per week?
    • How many customer visits do we make per day?
    • How many times did we visit our warehouses last month?
    • What customers have not been visited at all this month?

·         Geofence Reports


o    At what times did my vehicle leave base for the week?

o    Has the driver done private jobs with my vehicle?

o    How often did my vehicle return to base late this week?


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9)    Geofences – Virtual boundaries used for monitoring vehicle entry/exit

Geofences let you define a virtual boundary that encloses a location that you want to monitor. Reports can be set up showing exactly which vehicles entered/exited this location and at what time. When a more immediate response is needed, an email can be configured to be sent immediately upon entry/exit of these locations. Geofences can easily be added using the geofence tab and can be either a circle or a polygon that you can draw. Geofences are particularly useful for sending alerts when equipment is removed from a site (e.g. generators, tractors, boats)


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10) Mobile Interface

At times you may need to check on your fleet while on the road. A custom interface designed for mobile devices is available to all users of the mTrak system. The interface is a light version of the workspace and shows the vehicle listing and the ability to view each on a map. The vehicle position automatically updates as it moves and associated alarms are also shown.


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11)    Alerts – Flexible Event Rules

One of the competitive advantages of the mTrak System is the ability to create alerts based on flexible event rules. Alerts can be configured as emails or visual flashing bullseyes on the map view. Optionally, alerts can be created as SMS text messages which are usually reserved for extreme cases. This is how we advise customers to help solve fleet problems. We customize the event rules that trigger the alerts that in turn contact the customer. This saves the customer time wasted searching for problems.

Some events for setting up alerts are:

·         Ignition Switched On

·         Siren Switched On

·         Refrigerated Compartment Opened (Accessories Required)

·         Speed Limit Exceeded

·         Vehicle Over Idle

·         Vehicle Service Due

These can be combined with geofenced locations so that alerts can be triggered when these conditions are met inside or outside of certain locations. For example:

·         Refrigerated compartment opened at unauthorized location.

·         Minor Road Speed Limit Exceeded

·         Vehicle over idle outside base location

Alerts can be applied at certain times or at all times. For example:

·         Vehicle switched on after working hours

and can also be applied to certain vehicles or all vehicles.

·         Night vehicle used within day hours

An alert can be set up for virtually any activity involving your vehicles.

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12) Remote Vehicle Shutdown/Immobilizer

An option available upon installation is the shutdown module. This is a standard shutdown device that is activated by text message. Upon signup, an email is sent including how to shutdown and re enable your vehicle. The shutdown request will only respond from a predefined list of numbers which are provided to us by the customer. Shutdown must never be used when vehicle is in motion and customers assume full responsibility for use of this feature and signature to this condition is required upon signup. Shutdown may not be available on all vehicles and cannot be installed on trucks/larger vehicles.

This feature is popular amongst rental car companies that need to retrieve vehicles that are not returned on time.

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13) Onsite Installations

Scheduling your vehicles to be taken to an installation site during working hours may be a challenge especially when drivers should not be privy to installation location etc. We offer an optional onsite installation service for all installations both during and after hours.

Hardware is hidden in the vehicle/equipment and cannot be seen during normal operation. There are no visible antennas/wires etc.

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The mTrak dispatch plugin lets your dispatcher quickly and easily assign vehicles to jobs in real time. Search for street names, customers, custom points, or any location on the map, create a job and send to the nearest vehicle in seconds. The driver gets notified via a windshield mounted Garmin PND which in turn gives him/her directions to the location. This option is perfectly suited to security service companies, ambulance fleet operators and taxi services and is available exclusively through MSL. The Garmin Personal Navigation Device uses mNav mapping technology authorized by Garmin International for compilation and sale in Trinidad & Tobago by MSL only.



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15) Unmatched Features: mTrak vs the Competition


User friendly interface hosted on reliable and fast cloud servers:

      The mTrak workspace can be customized and saved according to the user. Information can be hidden/shown as needed and panels can be repositioned. The workspace is simple with all features accessible from the main dashboard. The servers are hosted externally with little or no downtime and frequent vehicle position updates. Maps load quickly and alerts are generated within seconds. Competitor systems are hosted locally on physical servers/computers. Cloud computing is not used in these systems and they are subject to hours of downtime, lost data and unavailability.


Less Hands On management:

The intention of investing in a GPS Fleet monitoring system is to save money, not pay for resources to manage and interpret it. As demonstrated, alerts can be customized to provide useful information to customers so that they don’t need to interpret information themselves. Alerts can be generated and emailed instantly or summarized and emailed as a daily report. Competitor systems offer simple stop reports only. Alerts can be based on virtually any vehicle activity.


Accurate Address Geocoder and Map Data:

There are no competing systems that utilize an accurate reverse geocoder. All use free Google geocoders which do not provide accurate street name information for Trinidad & Tobago. Although we offer a range of mapping platforms to choose from, we recommend the Geoserver Mora platform which is data maintained and updated by Mora Systems Limited. This data is hosted externally for us and available for use by all mTrak customers.


      Competitor systems use either community driven or dated and inaccurate Google maps. Community driven data is maintained by public users with no guarantee of accuracy. One rogue user can destroy a map used by all tracking systems in a matter of minutes. Not a good idea for mission critical systems.

The following illustration of a vehicle really parked on Scott Street shows a Google map showing Scott Street running parallel to the street on which the vehicle is parked.


Three years data history:

Users of the mTrak system need not worry about downloading or backing up data monthly. Your data is stored for 3 years and accessible for reporting or generating tracks at any time. Competitor systems typically store data for up to 3 months.

No lost data in rainy/cloudy conditions:

Our quality AVL hardware does not lose GPS signal in rainy or cloudy conditions as do many competitor systems. We use a powerful 65 channel receiver for acquiring GPS coordinates which is not affected by these conditions.

No lost data during GSM outages:

In the unlikely event that your vehicle enters an area of no GSM coverage, the AVL stores travel information on board and as soon as the GSM network is available, that data is sent to the server and interpreted for reports/alerts. It also is available for running tracks of vehicle history and there are no data gaps. Most competitor systems show long data gaps/straight lines in cases where GSM was not available, i.e. your data is lost.

New features:

Mora Systems Limited prides itself in having the most advanced fleet monitoring system available in the region. As such we’re always looking for new features or ways to improve the system as per customer needs. Upgrades are included in the monthly service fees. Competitor systems stagnate for years and offer basic GPS tracking facilities.

Choice of data provider:

mTrak can work on any wireless service provider. If a customer requires a particular provider, there is no problem configuring the system to work with it. However there may be variation in monthly fees depending on selected provider.

Proven track record and after sales support:

mTrak has grown over the past 6 years. Our install methods and system experience allow us to quickly and easily support customer queries and requests. Standard support channels are via email and are responded to in a timely manner. We are readily available for onsite callouts for system checks or modifications. A reputable list of references can be provided upon request. 

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16)   System Demonstrations

We thank you for taking the time to read our proposal for the mTrak Fleet Monitoring system. For a system demonstration at our office please contact us at 662-3605 or email

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